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Sky and sea in Scotland

Healthcare Projects

Excerpt from Biophilic Research Report: While working as a physician in a nursing home, OR. Thomas spent time observing patient interactions specifically in the dining areas, hallways and solarium. He came to the conclusion that loneliness, boredom, and helplessness are the three biggest problems for long term care residents to overcome (Flynn, 2008).

Thomas' belief that "every creature has a habitiat in which it thrives, and one in which it withers, human beings wither in institutions" (Brownie, 2011 p.65)

The wealth of research proving the positive health, cognition, behavioral and other impacts that access to nature has on human beings is astounding. Yet on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, often in sterile buildings devoid of any natural elements. Adding a biophilic design approach is critical if we are to adress this.


Cura Design have carried out feasibility studies and research studies for biophilic inspired  healthcare facilities that  meet CQC standards. Below are a selection of current and completed projects. Click on the image for further drawings and videos on a given project.

Cura Design House for life

Feasibility Study for a  Biophilic Care Home


A report for a large national carehome company. The report describes Curas vision for the developent of new standard design principles for the future design of small care homes.



Cura Design Biophilic Research Report

Biophilic Study for Care Home Complex


Cura prepared biophilic research and a report for an ongong development of 80 flats relating to key elements including: 


The atrium  and the entrance

The 5th and 6th floor communal terrace

The report covers:

A written background review on contemporary core industry literature

An objective review of "wellness" within the site

Written recomendatons for possible improvements and alterations to the current design

biophilic medical facility

Recognition Health Head Office London


Cura Design designed, gained planning permission and administered the contract through to completion on the head office for Recognition Health located on Wimpole Street In London. Biophilic design elements were expressed both through the design of the space as well as through choice of materials and plants.

Recognition Health.

Recognition Health Plymouth Office


Cura Design designed, gained planning permission and administered the contract through to completion on the Plymouth branch of Recognition Health. Biophilic elements were integral to both the design of the space and as well had an influence on the brand of the company.

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