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Sky, Clouds, Landscape Nature is where we find our inspiration.

CURA Design Fees

CURA Designs Fees for Thoughtful, High Quality, biophilic projects that connect with nature.

CURA Design works on projects with construction budgets that range from 100K for residential projects to 23M for hospitaly and healthcare projects. Please note that due to our current workload, Cura Design are not taking on projects with construction budgets less than 100k.


CURA Design Services consist of the following stages:

Feasibility Studies

Planning Submission

Building Regulation Submission

Tender Issue

Construction Issue and Contract Administration

CURA Design may be appointed on as many stages as required, from drawing up initial plans, to negotiating

with builders on site.


At present, VAT does not apply to the fees charged by CURA Design. Although VAT is typically not payable on the construction cost of a new house or for our services at this time, VAT is still payable for all other consultants involved in the process. Additional consultants fee may be required from Structural Engineer, surveys,etc.


The feasibility study stage is charged by the hour because it isn’t possible to predict how many times a client

might require drawings to be revised before accepting a design. That said, the estimated timescales below

are based on real projects of similar size.


Construction timescales, are charged at a flat fee per week for construction contract administration.As this stage is charged at a fixed fee per week of construction, the longer the building is on site the higher the fee. The fees listed for the Construction Contract stage above are approximate.

Please note that the fees below do not include for interior design services. Projects can take several years to completion and fees will be reviewed annually and may increase in line with the Retail Price Index. Please do not request a discount on our fees as refusal may result in  embarrassment.

New Build Constructions

For Cura Design, a new build construction is the most straightforward project type, and therefore attracts the lowest percentage fees. Our fees for a full service in 2021 may be as follows. These figures are of course indicative as there will be many other factors to consider:

  • £100k budget: 9.5%

  • £200k budget: 8.5%

  • £500k budget: 8%

  • £1m budget: 7.5%

Extensions, basements 

Due to the complexity of working with existing buildings, these are resource-intensive projects. Please note that these types of projects often require in addition some refurbishment of the existing house too.

Our fees for a full service in 2021 may be as follows. These figures are of course indicative as there will be many other factors to consider:

  • £100k budget: 14%

  • £200k budget: 13%

  • £500k budget: 12%

  • £1m budget: 11.5%


Listed building fees

These projects are even more resource-intensive due to the complexity of working with listed buildings. The process of obtaining listed building consent and designing for the alteration or restoration of historic fabric requires an experience and input from consultants with specialist knowledge. Our fees for a full service in 2021 may be as follows. These figures are of course indicative as there will be many other factors to consider:

  • £100k budget: 16%

  • £200k budget: 15%

  • £500k budget: 14%

  • £1m budget: 13%

CURA Design fees to planning

Clients  may wish to appoint Cura Design to planning only, particularly if they intend to simply sell a building or site after realising an uplift in value from a planning consent. Typically, work to planning is around 30% of a full architectural fee. For a residential project at £1,000,000 with a 11.5% percent fee, the total planning fees may therefore be in the region of £34,500.

It’s worth noting that even with an agreement for a full architectural service, a client may end the appointment at any time during the process, providing that fees for work already completed have been paid.


CURA Design Hourly Fees

CURA Design  can also charge an Hourly Rate for all types of projects. This approach suits clients who want to be deeply involved with managing their own project and prefer to use CURA Design services as and when they require in order to control costs. CURA Design work in blocks of 10 hours at a time and issue invoices monthly, along with a time-sheet which itemises the costs.

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