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Cura Design have participated in a range of invited and public competitions. Please click on the image for further information.

Cura Design won the west end competition in Plymouth.

West End Ideas Competion 2015 - Winning Entry

(Project team: Cura Design, Hand Drawn Homes, Peter Warm Consultants


Working in collaboration with the above project team Cura Design (formerly Research + Design) won a RIBA sponsored Master Planning Ideas Competition for redeveloping the west end of the city of Plymouth. The project included over 51 sheets of drawings and recommendations involving refurbishing and revitalizing an area of Plymouth which had become neglected. The recommendations included converting neglected urban spaces into public gardens and connecting these spaces via green corridors. Existing city centre car parks were converted to parks and gardens providing new life in the surrounding first floor spaces (currently in disuse) and the possibility of converting these spaces into garden flats. The flat roofs of 1950s era Plymouth buildings were provided with green roofs to increase energy efficientcy, provide a better living environment for city residents, clean the polluted city centre air and increase the bird and insect biodiversity in the area.

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