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Listed House In South Hams

Cura Design are Designers of Architecture, Buildings, and Places that enhance and protect biodiversity and our living world that in turn, enhance our well being .

Do you feel overwhelmed by species extinction, biodiversity loss and climate change?  We do.

Are you frustrated that there is so little of a concerted effort in architectural design to adress more than just carbon? We are.

How would you feel if there were a few small actions you could take in your architecture project that could make a big difference to wildlife and to nature AND to your well being? This excites us too.

Architecture and building have a massive impact on the natural environment, from small residential projects to big commercial projects. Lets EFFECT CHANGE! Lets work together to implement simple, easy, and cost effective ways to value and protect nature and biodiversity in the way we design and build our buildings and places!

The common thread that runs through all our projects are a love of nature and a love of life.

Video by : Cecily Lane Bedner

A House for Life - Studies for a new type of Care Home by Cura Design featured in the Health Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! CLICK THE ICON.

Biophilic Design for healthcare

"Landfall" Three houses on hills designed by Cura Design featured in the Home Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! CLICK THE ICON.

Image of a biophilic magazine.

"Union Corner" Community Project by Cura Design is featured in the Workplace Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! CLICK THE ICON.

Biophilic magazine about nature

View Cura Designs Presentation at Future Plymouth 2030. Episode 6 Nature based Solutions (NbS) and Integrating Nature into our Buildings CLICK THE ICON.

Future Plymouth 2030

Could Plymouth UK be part of a global movement that is changing the world? CLICK THE ICON.

biophiliccities logo.jpg

Listen to Cura Design on the Journal of Biophilic Design. CLICK THE ICON.

Interview with Robert Bedner Director of CURA Design

Biophilic House Overlooking a River

Feasibility Studies for a Multi Storey Care Home on the sea.

私たちが違うのは、自然との関係に焦点を合わせた研究主導の精神です。認識されたからの入力 環境研究者、私たちは可能なことを拡大し、あなたのためにより良い環境を構築します。




#biophilic design, #wellness,#architecture,#biophilic design inspiration



#Biophilic handle,#biophilic design, #wellness,#architecture,#biophilic design inspiration
#biophilic design, #wellness,#architecture,#biophilic design inspiration


Devon Office

Cura Design

6 DaleRoad

Plymouth, Devon


T: 01752 213460


2017年    アバクロンビーアワード-   



2011     アバクロンビーアワード-ベストマイナー


Discover if Cura Design are the right practice for your project. Contact our office directy to arrange a face to face meeting or use the links below to schedule a zoom meeting.

We will listen to your ideas and give you our informed opinion. We will help to form an initial brief with you and provide a clear programme together with a fee proposal for your project.

2017年     アバクロンビーアワード-ベスト 



2011     アバクロンビーアワード-ベスト



2009年     アランキング賞-ニューストリート(高           表彰)


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