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Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design


Cura Design have over 14 years of award winning architectural design and place making. With over 175 completed projects, we are experts at gaining planning approvals for residential and cultural projects in stunning landscapes, including Para 84e and  Para 139 applications.


We specialize in how houses and buildings and places can connect to nature in a way that benefits both people and their environment.

We bring a foundation built from international experience in Oslo, Paris, New York City and London with world leading architecture practices and consultants to all of our projects in the UK.

Cura Design envisage a future built environment that protects and regenerates nature and biodiversity AND increases our well being through a better connection to nature. Biophilic design is at the heart of our architecture and is implemented to varying degrees into all projects we undertake.


The common thread that runs through all our projects are a love of nature and a love of life.



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Journal of Biophilic Design.

View Cura Designs Presentation at Future Plymouth 2030. Episode 6 Nature based Solutions (NbS) and Integrating Nature into our Buildings.

Robert Bedner was on the podcast for Future Plymouth 2030.

Could Plymouth UK be part of a global movement that is changing the world? 

Plymouth should be a biophilic city.

Feasibility Studies for a Multi Storey Care Home on the sea.

Cura Design are contributers to the Journal of biophilic Design and offer feasibility studies to new and existing projects.

A House for Life - Studies for a new type of Care Home by Cura Design featured in the Health Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! 

Cura Design provides Biophilic Design for healthcare.

"Landfall" Three houses on hills designed by Cura Design featured in the Home Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! 

JBD is a magazine about biophilic design.

"Union Corner" Community Project by Cura Design is featured in the Workplace Issue of Journal of Biophilic Design! 

JBD is a journal about biophilic design.

Credit:: Biophilic Design the architecture of Life,

Elevation of house on river

New House On a River ( World Heritage Site , SSSI, AONB )

New house Topsham

Coastal Garden Home in Devon (Conservation Area and AONB)

New house Devon

Coastal Home on a hill in Devon (Conservation Area,AONB )

New house Taiwan

Hillside courtyard with three houses
Jinshan, Taiwan

Proposed Elevation

Replacement Dwelling Dartmoor National Park (AONB, Conservation Area,SSSI )


Rear Garden Annex Cheam, London

Ce qui nous rend différents, c'est notre éthique axée sur la recherche combinée à notre concentration sur notre relation à la nature. Avec la contribution de reconnu  chercheurs en environnement, nous élargissons ce qui est possible et construisons de meilleurs environnements pour vous.

Que vous recherchiez une maison Paragraphe 80 dans un AONB ou un emplacement sensible pour rénover des installations commerciales ou culturelles existantes à grande échelle ou construire à partir de nouvelles, nous pouvons vous aider à concevoir, rechercher et construire votre espace idéal.

Nous avons plus de 15 ans d'expérience en conception primée et avons réalisé plus de 175 projets au Royaume-Uni et à l'étranger.

Trappe de ventilation en mélèze naturel - New Street Project

timber hatch

Porte et tirette sur mesure - Appartement bord de mer

Panneau de siège de façade - Union Corner Community Project

custom leather handle
union corner plymouth

Nous contacter

Devon Office

Cura Design

170 Rendle St, Stonehouse, Plymouth 

Pl1 1TP

T: 01752 213460


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2017      Prix Abercrombie - Gens de   

          Prix Plymouth pour Stiltskin

          Théâtre pour enfants

2011      Prix Abercrombie - Meilleure mineure

          Développement pour la nouvelle rue

Discover if Cura Design are the right practice for your project. Contact our office directy to arrange a face to face meeting or  schedule a zoom meeting.

We will listen to your ideas and give you our informed opinion. We will help to form an initial brief with you and provide a clear programme together with a fee proposal for your project.

2017       Prix Abercrombie - Meilleur  

          Projet communautaire pour Stiltskin

          Théâtre pour enfants

2011      Prix Abercrombie - Meilleur

         Projet communautaire pour Union Corner

         Centre communautaire 

2009       Prix Alan King - New Street (Haute             Recommandation)

Le prix Abercrombie est l'un des six prix d'architecture décernés une fois tous les trois ans pour célébrer les meilleurs bâtiments de Plymouth et marquer l'excellence dans l'environnement bâti.

CIAT is the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technology.
Cura Design voted best of Houzz in 2024.
Cura Design are an influencer for biophilic design.
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