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Scotland loch

Landscape - Close to Glencoe Scotland

Commercial Projects

"Cura Design completed a project for us on the Southwest coast. We found Cura Design very efficient, they produced some aspiring plans in a timely fashion. Robert Bedner is very friendly and approachable and was always there to advise as needed."    M. Mills, Director, Mills Property Oxford Limited.

"Cura Design was very helpful and provided a great insight into the local regulations. He was also kind enough to introduce his builder who was open to showing us his work. I'd highly recommend."    A. Patel

The commercial projects have biophilic elements that increase the well being of the occupants and as well enhance the natural environment in the area. Cura Design have experience that range from  Hospitality and Hotel projects to student accomodation and restaurants. Most projects are linked to further information by clicking on the image. The remaining projects will be linked in the future.

Hot Springs Hotel Taiwan
Clubhouse design cornwall
Contemporary Student accomodation

Photo: Joakim Boren Photography

Feasibility Study Hot Springs Boutique Hotel Guguan, Taiwan

(Project team: Arups Associates (Structural Engineering), Lowings Carpenter Design (Facade Consultant), Dr. Doreen Bernath and Dr. Chi Jung Sun (Architect) and Inspace Design.


Feasibility study for a hot springs luxury resort in Taiwan. Working with teams from both the UK and Taipei  directed initial strategies and studies leading to a final report and multi media presentation made to the Client group in Taipei. Options studied included: 200 room mid range hotel accomodation and 22 room superior high end luxury accomodation. Report included site studies, design philosphy, visitor experience and client options for the strategic development of the site. Value: £23 M.

Clubhouse for Holiday Park Cornwall


The existing clubhouse was an amalgomation of a series of extensions and renovations dating back before the 1930s. The new design demolished a large portion of the building interiors and facades but retains the majority of the roofs and structural elements of the existing construction. The new design integrates the resulting spaces with a single contemporary construction that responds both to the needs of the Client and reconnects with the surrounding nature and landscape. Places in the building relate directly to places in the terrace and beyond to the views.

Two extensions were developed that incoprated a new entrance/reception and shop to the front of the building and a new stage, extended kitchen laundry and wc facilities to the rear of the property. Natural materials were chosen that related to the holiday and beach atmosphere of the clubhouse. Cast glass is utilized in light boxes that eexploit existing ceiling recesses and lend a natural light and quality to the spaces below. Cedar and galvanized steel fixtures are carried through form the outside to the inside of the building.



Conversion and Extension of Pub to Student Accomodation


Operating as a pub until a recent conversion, the site was locally famous as a stopping off place for football supporters. The proposal required:

10 Student Rooms

Shared Kitchen/ Lounge Area/Laundry

Shared external Garden Amenities 

The project is located on a major access route into the city centre. The existing rear tenement of the site juts out from its corner location and is unsightly. A new contemporary extension with public entrance provide a strong corner for the site and a transition in scale from the adjacent buildings. The building profile of the extension (how the building touches the sky) and the size and shape of the proposed window openings make  quiet reference both to the pub and the local vernacular.

The project specification includes highly insulated fabric first detailing for the walls and roof, uses renewable materials and incorporates solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

Cura Design works with shipping containers.
Cura Design designed a mobile bakery.

Real Food Cafe

Cura Design were appointed to design a restaurnat based on a shipping container to be located in a conservation area by the seaside in Plymouth. The design featured a translucent fiberglass box that was placed under a copper clad roof that turned into seating. 

The project was designed to be temporary and not to harm the existing street and sidewalk..

Mobile Bakery - A Temporary Mobile Bakery for National Park and AONB  sites 


The mobile bakery was designed to be quickly transported as a container or series of containers roll on and roll of trucks. The containers were to be installed in sensitive AONB locations on a temporary basis. The use of the containers involved the element of surprise as they involved an hydrolic system that opened to reveal the bakery once installed.


The mobile bakery consisted of 5 elements. 1. Roll on and Roll Off Truck 2. 20 foot shipping container 3. Seating and furniturem4. Roadside signage and graphics 5. Canopies and shading.

Variations of construction were considered and designed including one container, two container, three container and three container stack.


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