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We provide full design and research services for the creation of architecture and spaces by placing connections with the natural world as a core design value. 

We can provide services for projects at any scale from a room or whole building, to a landscape or entire master plan.



By using elements of biophilia we aim to adapt your spaces by improving exposure to natural light, incorporating fractal design and bettering air quality throughout.

CURA Research services are designed to work in conjuction with CURA Design services though they can also be appointed separately.

CURA Design

  • Health Care Facilities: Including hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care homes, both private and NHS. Biophilic input can improve recovery rates and lower stress.

  • Community Projects: Including community centres, parks and estate planning. Through biophilic development community well-being can be improved and crime rate can be reduced. 

  • Workplaces: Including offices, call centres, meeting rooms and factories. By implementing biophilic design, productivity can be increased and number of sick days can be reduced.

  • Educational: Including school classrooms, staff areas and communal areas. Biophilic design can improve behaviour and test results

  • Residential: Including apartments, housing and residential complexes. The implementation of Biophilic designs can improve overall well-being and encourage relaxation.

  • Hospitality: Including hotels, restaurants, attractions and areas of leisure. Incorporating biophilia into these facilities can increase profitability and attract customers.

CURA Research

  • One Day Workshops: We guide you through a creative thinking process to determine how biophilic design can improve the occupant health and building performance.

  • Appraisals and Feasibility Studies: We provide in depth interviews and studies identifying particular needs and requirements of the people who live in and use existing or proposed spaces. Following this, architectural design studies incorporate the outcomes of the initial studies with biophilic design principles to produce basic designs and preliminary costings.

  • Design Peer Reviews: Working with existing design teams we assist in evaluating projects for opportunities where proposed or existing biophilic design interventions can be implemented or improved upon. We can review projects of any scale.

  • Biophilic Consultancy Reports: We can produce biophilic consultancy reports that support architectural projects in neglected urban areas, brown field sites or sensitive landscape areas.

  • Bespoke Case Studies: Can include comparative research, original research, post occupancy studies and field experimentation to validate the impacts of biophilic design on human health, economics and social resilience.

Our team of researchers, including psychologists, biologists and conservationists lead the way in finding out how your space works. 


We tailor our research around your needs, investigating overall wellbeing in conjunction with nature. Our previous research helps to inform future projects, building towards a broader field of knowledge.

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