Why Biophilic Design?

Research conducted worldwide by scientific and design communities has demonstrated the importance of incorporating nature into our lives. 

Edward O. Wilson (1984) describes biophilia as "Innate tendancy to focus on life and life-like processes"

Health Care

Including hospitals, dentists, rehabilitation and disability centres and mental health clinics.

  • Hospital recovery time has been shown to reduce by 9.3% (Ulrich, 1981)


Including classrooms, staff areas and communal areas.

  • Students perfomed 10-14% better on tests when plants are present in the classroom. (Daly et al., 2010)

  • Children progressed through school curricula 20-26% faster when learning in natural lit environments. (Heschong, 1999)


Including offices, call centres, meeting rooms and factories.

  • Improved ventilation increased productivity rates by 11% (Menzies et al., 1997)

  • 88% of employees said that having access to natural elements indoors improved their sense of well-being (Genzyme, 2008)


Including apartments, housing and residential complexes.


Including community centres, parks and estate planning.


Including hotels, restaurants, attractions and areas of leisure.

  • When customers experience greener environments, they are willing to pay 20% more for convenient items. (Wolf, 2005)

  • Stores fitted with natural lighting experienced a 40% increase in gross sales (Heschong, 2003)

  • 85% reduction in felony assaults, 24% reduction in burglaries, 69% reduction in robberies, and 7% reduction in thefts were recorded in areas that had been made more green (Urban Studies, 2016) 

  • Increased greenness around participants' residence showed decreased risks of mortality by 8-12% (Crouse et al., 2017)


CURA Design is the embodiement of a future living approach, which incorporates all aspects of life and the environment we inhabit. 

By using empirical data we can make informed decisions on what is beneficial to the people living in these spaces. It is the purpose of our work to increase our ability to perform, increase welfare and inform our decision making.

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